The Value of our Vet Biologic

J. H. Hare & Associates has invested years of testing and proof of technology with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), to be able to make claims regarding what is special about our antibody products and to prove they work to reduce scouring in piglets and ultimately improve growth performance The result is our vet biologic registration, and the only of it's kind in the world proving the concept of specific antibodies from eggs.

Every step of our process is approved and monitored by the CFIA, and each batch is tested to guarantee minimum antibody titre levels to maintain our product claim and safety.

Hyper-Egg products are not "All-In-One Elixirs" or "Magic Powders" that are advertised to cure everything. J. H. Hare & Associates has focused on the most common strains of e. coli found in swine barns, because we know if we can knock out the biggest challenges it helps the piglets' own immune system do the rest. Our extensive lab research proves that it is not possible to hyper-immunize eggs against multiple pathogens and end up with titre levels that are high enough to be effective in preventing or curing infections. We also understand to successfully achieve a broad spectrum effect by blending egg products together, the inclusion rates must be at least 3 kg/MT for every pathogen. For example, the inclusion rate for a product containing antibodies against K88, Rotavirus and Salmonella would need to be 9 kg/MT of feed. Less than this is not creating any marketable benefit, because it is simply not delivering enough antibodies to the animal.

University of Manitoba Research Study

University of Minnesota Study

Effect of Egg-X-Change Protein Supplement on piglet growth promotion compared with plasma